Project Overview

Belararox is an Australian mineral explorer focused on securing and developing resources to meet the surge in demand from the technology, battery and renewable energy markets. Belararox has majority interest in tenements in a project area in the Lachlan Fold Belt of NSW and a project with tenements in the Bullabulling Goldfield near Coolgardie in Western Australia (Figure 1 and Figure 2). The projects currently include the potential for zinc, copper, gold, silver, nickel and lead resources. Belerarox’s key assets include:

Location of the Belara project area tenements
Figure 1. Location of the Belara project area tenements.
  • EL 9184 (Belara), ELA 6176 (Goolma) and ELA 6287 (Gulong) – Belara project that covers 643km2, which is 100% owned, for zinc, copper, lead, silver and gold development near Mudgee, NSW (Figure 1); and
  • 26 Prospecting Licences – Bullabulling Project that covers 49km2, which is 100% owned for gold and nickel exploration near Coolgardie, Western Australia (Figure 2).

Belara is the lead project and is located in New South Wales approximately 50km south-east of Dubbo in the East Lachlan Orogen. This deposit is listed as the fifth largest VAMS deposit in the Lachlan Fold Belt after the Woodlawn, Captains Flat, Kempfield and Lewis Ponds deposits as documented by the NSW Geological Survey in Lead and Zinc Opportunities in New South Wales, Australia (

Location of the Bullabulling project area tenements
Figure 2. Location of the Bullabulling project area tenements.

The Coolgardie Project consists of 26 Prospecting licences that are located around the Bullabulling gold deposit in the Bullabulling goldfield near Coolgardie (Figure 2). The project encompasses similar structural settings to the structures that hosts the 3.0 million ounce Bullabulling gold deposit and also covers ultramafic lithologies that host the Nepean nickel mine 30 kilometres along strike to the south east. There has been limited exploration in the project area using modern exploration techniques to target gold and nickel mineralisation similar to the nearby mines.

Exploration Projects

All the Company’s tenements have been selected based on a rigorous application of various mineral system models, using machine learning and proprietary statistical analysis and targeting workflows, which increases the probability of exploration success.

As a result, all areas have important geological similarities with known nearby ore deposits and operating mines. Based on work to date, the Company believes that the assets have the geological and geochemical signatures for deposits of zinc, copper, gold, silver and nickel in particular. The compilation of historic mining and exploration data have been completed along with subsequent follow-up data acquisition, and 3D drill targeting has been completed.