Michelle Stokes

Non-Executive Director

Ms Stokes holds a Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree in geology from the University of Western Australia and has completed various professional development workshops and courses.

Michelle has over 35 years’ experience across mining, exploration, consulting, and the public sector. She was responsible for the development of successful mining projects in Western Australia that are still in operation today. Michelle was a key player in the team that developed the Northern Gold portfolio in the Northern Territory. She has a high level of expertise in management and operations after providing consulting services to industry and Government over many decades.

She continues to consult and advise industry and governments in various aspects of the minerals industry, focussing on management and interpretation of exploration data, resource estimation and the transfer of data and knowledge to the public or internally within exploration teams. She has a very well- developed understanding of the needs and requirements of mineral explorers.

Michelle is currently the Managing Director of Kenex Pty Ltd and is on the board of several private companies in the minerals sector including Kenex Ltd and RSC Global Pty Ltd.

The Board considers that Ms Stokes is not an independent Director.